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After a few days of rest, today I want to talk about that

fantasy that so many men have and that fortunately, I have had the opportunity

to try several times with Kolkata

. The trio is one of the most popular sexual fantasies for both

men and women (contrary to what many believe). Maybe it's because it mixes a

feeling of "double pleasure" or even the morbid giving pleasure to

two people, but what is true is that most of both sex, has ever imagined what

it would be like to be in that situation. From my experience, I will allow

myself the right to give you some advice on how to deal with such a situation

and enjoy it as much as possible.

The most common types of two are the mixed ones, where two

women and one man, or two men and one Kolkata independent

, participate. There are opinions for all tastes and I have

heard experiences of all kinds. I can talk about having done it with two women

and in all of them (the experiences do not reach five), I have had a great time,

especially because I understand that they were developed in the most natural

way possible even on some occasion being programmed in advance and going

Straight to the point.


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